what is smoke cleansing?


smudging is a traditional practice for purifying or purging the soul of a person or area of harmful thoughts. smudging is a ritual that is most commonly connected with native societies in north america. smudging is a ritual that purifies or cleanses a person's or a place's soul of harmful thoughts. smudging is also used to connect to spirit and mother earth, as well as to summon ancestral spirits for help and guidance.


"spiritual house cleansing" is how you can define smoke cleansing. in other words, the smoke binds itself to harmful energy. as the smoke clears, it carries the harmful energy with it, discharging it into a new location where it is changed into beneficial energy. smoke cleaning isn't tied to any one culture or religion, so you can create a method that works for you & your environment.

smudging &  smoke cleansing may appear identical to outsiders due to the smoke, but they are done for different reasons and with different goals. avoiding the use of traditional medicines that aren't part of your culture or religion is the greatest method to avoid appropriation.


smudging acknowledges and practices based on the 4 elements.

  1. black (water) - this colour depicts the container, which is usually a shell.
  2. red (earth) - signifies mother earth's therapeutic gifts, which often include: tobacco, sage, sweetgrass, and/or cedar
  3. yellow (fire) - this colour signifies the fire that was used to illuminate the sacred medicines.
  4. white (air) - the smoke is represented by a huge bird feather, which is often used to fan the smoke.


these smoke cleansing rituals include:

  1. spells
  2. crystals
  3. incantations
  4. tarot and any other number of modifications one desires. 


herbal burning has been used for ages throughout the world. unfortunately, the most common type of herbal smoke is derived from the native practice of smudging. the burning of indigenous herbs, particularly white sage, was used as a method for invocation by certain tribe members. while, smoke purification/cleansing is not associated with any particular rite or culture; yet, creativity is an important part of these rites. spells, crystals, incantations, tarot, and any other number of changes can be used in these smoke purification ceremonies.

smudging and smoke purification may appear to be aesthetically identical, yet their meaning and function are vastly different. some claim that plants have no concept of borders or cultures. they only want to help people and heal them. while this is true, we cannot disregard the wishes of people who have suffered so much pain and cultural harm as a result of colonization. therefore the best way to avoid appropriation is to steer clear of using sacred herbs that are not specific to your heritage. there are many powerful plants that would want to connect with you in that way. the appropriate offerings lie beyond what the mainstream herbal industry offers.


smoke wand

many cultures have a history of burning herbs for cleansing & purification of the body, spirit &  home. we encourage you to research your own culture & background to find herbs that connect with your identity. you can also choose herbs based on your current needs. eg. burning yerba santa to increase self love during the winter months. 

loose herbs

breaking up your smoke wand into loose herbs & placing them in our fire safe bowls will give you the most use out of your smoke wand! by placing the herbs in the bowl it creates a stronger aroma and cleanse because the herbs more space to breathe. it also allows you to remove the older herbs that no longer hold a flame. don't forget to place a thin layer of sand at the bottom of the bowl before burning your herbs.


incense have been burned for centuries as apart of rituals and ceremonies. incense powder is commonly molded into a cone or rolled with wood into an incense stick. the herb or flower used in the incense can change the smell & benefits. for example, lavender incense is known to be calming whereas burning citronella can ward off mosquitoes.  

benefits of smoke cleansing

smoke cleansing is considered purifying because of its antimicrobial properties. as an antimicrobial it destroys microorganisms such as bacteria or mold, &  stops them from growing. for this reason, smoke cleansing can be very beneficial for your respiratory.

you can also use it as a spiritual tool to help you achieve a state of peace & healing. to rid yourself of negative energies or to enhance your intuition. it is also common to use the smoke to cleanse your home and beloved objects.