smoke wands

benefits of smoke cleansing 

smoke cleansing is considered purifying because of its antimicrobial properties. as an antimicrobial it destroys microorganisms such as bacteria or mold, &   stops them from growing. for this reason, smoke cleansing can be very beneficial for your respiratory.

you can also use it as a spiritual tool to help you achieve a state of peace & healing. to rid yourself of negative energies or to enhance your intuition. it is also common to use the smoke to cleanse your home and beloved objects. 

when to smoke cleanse

you can smoke cleanse day or night, however, it is especially beneficial to cleanse after moving into a new home. after going through an argument or stressful moment or after starting a new job. smoke cleansing allows you time to slow down and reconnect with yourself which makes it a perfect addition to your self care or spiritual rituals.

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our brand

the founder

irie metta is a black owned & woman founded wellness brand created by saeda and launched in 2022. we provide inclusive & purposeful products to purify your body & space. like many of you, we started our cleansing journey using white sage, but after listening to native influencers and educating ourselves we removed white sage & palo santo from our everyday. we struggled to find trustworthy brands that did not sell one or the other, so this need motivated us to create irie metta!

mother earth

we believe what is good for the soul should also be good for our earth. in creating this brand, we also strived to have sustainability top of mind and in our hearts. all of our products and packaging are 100% recyclable so you can feel good about your what are you using. 

land acknowledgement

irie metta honours and acknowledges the traditional and ancestral territories of first nations, métis, and inuit peoples across the country. we would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the wendat, the anishnaabeg, haudenosaunee, métis, and the mississaugas of the credit first nation.